Breed Specific Legislation
It has been evident over and over again that what we have come to know as BLS or “Breed Specific Legislation,” is absolutely pointless and non-practical. BSL is a proven failure, and has time and time again victimized innocent dogs and their responsible owners, instead of targeting the real problem(s) at hand: animal abuse, neglect, exploitation, and of course the sum of all mentioned, the infamous irresponsible dog owner!


What you can do to help the fight against BSL:

1. Stay informed – Visit the website and the BSL links provided to make sure you know what is going on in your city.

2. Contact your MPP – Let them know that you oppose breed specific legislation, and that you demand stronger laws pertaining to animal abuse and neglect. Punish the DEED, not the BREED. Click here for a guide on how to write an effective letter.

3. Understand the law – Be a responsible owner. Make sure you follow the bylaws in your city and show others that you are providing a good example of what it means to be a responsible dog owner.

4. Stay active – If there are any events or fundraisers in your community that help in the fight against BSL, try to show up and donate your time and money if you can.

5. Educate others – Let others know about the reality of BSL, and how it will not help to keep communities safer from dangerous dogs. Let people know that its important that animal cruelty laws be strengthened in order to prevent irresponsible and abusive people from owning animals in the first place. Any dog in the wrong hands can become a dangerous animal.

6. Boycott businesses that discriminate specific breeds – certain airlines and hotels will not provide you with their services if you have a specific breed of dog. Tell them how you feel about this discrimination, and let them know that you will definitely be staying away from them.

7. Support local pit bull rescue organizations and shelters – Volunteer for them if you have the time, donate items such as pet beds, towels, crates, food or money.

8. Show your dog off to the public – If you have a well trained, well behaved pit bull, why not show everyone what kind of breed this really is?

9. Do not support anti-pit bull humane organizations – PETA, for example, is anti-pit bull. Other organizations may also claim that they are pro animal rights or welfare, but may be keeping similar information from the public. Always make sure you know about who and what you are supporting.

10. Do not breed your dog – There are far too many abandoned and homeless pit bulls in shelters and city pounds waiting for a good home. Do not add to the problem, leave the breeding to the experts!