How to help pit bulls, and all other pets in your community

1. Fight for stronger animal welfare Legislation. Animal abuse and neglect is very much a problem throughout the world, and believe it or not, in North America. Dog fighting and puppy mills, although illegal, have taken their activities underground, making them difficult to uncover and investigate. To make matters worse, in many states/provinces in North America, possession of dog fighting equipment is not considered a felony. Write your MPP or mayor, and let them know that animal abuse is a serious threat to your community, and that you demand stronger laws with higher fines, longer jailtime, and a lifetime ban on animal ownership for people who abuse or neglect their animals. People that abuse and exploit animals have been known to transfer these acts to humans. Help in protecting both animals and people.

2. Report animal abuse or neglect to your local authorities. Aside from the police, your local shelter and animal control unit most likely has cruelty investigators that work to ensure that people are keeping and treating their animals within the law. Make sure you get as much details about the case as possible; try to include when/where/how/who/what.

Here are some issues you should be reporting to your local humane society cruelty investigators:

Animals left outside (or inside) without proper food, water, and shelter
– Left outside in very hot/cold weather
– Needs vet care and is not receiving any
– No grooming (hair matting is painful and considered neglect)
– Being physically abused
– Chained on short tethers
– Wounds on animals
– Patches of missing hair on animals
– Malnourished animals
– Animals that cower in fear or become unexpectedly aggressive when approached by their owner
– Confined in small area for long periods of time

Animal control should be contacted for the following reasons:

– Animals running at large
– Owners not pooping and scooping
– Bylaw infractions (leash laws)
– Stray animals
– Injured animals and wildlife
– Dead animals
– Unsanitary conditions/fecal accumulation

please check with your municipality for details on what your local Animal Control and Humane Society is responsible for in terms of animal abuse and neglect.

3. Do not purchase animals from pet shops. This alone ensures that puppymill runners will continue to get paid for their abusive business, and continue to produce litter after litter. Boycott local pet shops that sell livestock, and let them know that you are aware of puppymills. If you notice breeder ads in your local newspaper advertising more than one breed of dog, contact the humane society and let them know of your suspicions. Inform people of the reality; much the general public is not yet aware of the horrors of puppymills.