Not sure what to feed your dog? Constantly hearing different opinions and so called ‘facts’ about what the canine diet should be like? With the dog food industry being one of fastest growing industries in North America, it is no wonder that there might just be too much information out there. The problem is, it is hard to differentiate what is valid and what is just another advertising project.

Why not start by doing your own research on the industry and how to read the label. Know the difference between certain types of ingredients and how to go about choosing a food that is right for your dog. There is no cookie cutter model!

Here are some excellent websites that break it all down and compare different brands of dog food that are out on the market as we speak:

Planning on Changing Your Dog’s Diet? Here Are Some Tips:

– To reduce the chances of side effects such as diarrhoea, vomiting or apathy towards eating, it is recommended that the diet be transitioned over a 10 day period: For the first 3 days, mix two thirds of the old food and one third of the new food.
For the next 3 days, mix half of the old food and half of the new food.
For the next 3 days, mix one third of the old food and two thirds of the new food.
On the 10th day, serve all new food.

***If transitioning from dry food to raw or vice versa, it is not recommended to mix these two as there have been reports of pancreatic issues associated with mixing raw meat with processed, cooked kibble. Instead, transition straight from one food to the other.

If lose stools develop, add a quarter cup of boiled white rice or pumpkin puree as a separate meal.